The installation Kugelbliss has but one intent: To be a feast for the eyes. Images of nature, 3D visuals and sound reactive video projections take you away.

The Sphere (Kugel): Identical from any perspective. Perfectly round, with no corners or edges, no beginning and no end.

The idea for the Kugelbliss installation originated at 2018’s Garbicz, when I (Armin) developed the desire to contribute something to next year’s Festival. I wanted to do something that’s of utmost beauty and aesthetics, something that makes people happy. A bit later my vision of a large hanging sphere with video projections on it emerged. Luckily, I was introduced to Rico (glowb.rocks), who has been working on a similar technology for many years. Soon, 3D video projection mapping experts joined our team (Stefan & John from RE:SORB, et al.), as well as renowned artists for interactive installations (Marko, Conrad & Zsolt from intolight.de, et al.). Throughout the entire project, I emphasized that irrespective of the costs, I wanted the outcome to be amazing. And it was amazing.

Kudos to Edvin, Johannes & the whole construction team, who brought the blueprints to reality!

Get in touch: info@kugelbliss.art