Kugelbliss @ Garbicz Festival 2019

The installation Kugelbliss has but one intent: To be a feast for the eyes. Images of nature, 3D visuals and sound reactive video projections take you away.

The Sphere (Kugel): Identical from any perspective. Perfectly round, with no corners or edges, no beginning and no end.

The idea for the Kugelbliss installation originated at 2018’s Garbicz, when Armin wanted to contribute something to next year’s Festival. He wanted to do something that’s of utmost beauty and aesthetics, something that makes people happy. A bit later his vision of a large hanging sphere (2,5m diameter) with video projections on it emerged. Luckily, he was introduced to Rico (glowb.rocks), who has been working on a similar technology for many years. Soon, 3D video projection mapping experts joined the team (Stefan & John from RE:SORB, et al.), as well as renowned artists for interactive installations (Marko, Conrad & Zsolt from intolight.de, et al.). Throughout the entire project, Armin emphasized that he wanted the outcome to be amazing. And it was amazing.

Kudos to Edvin, Johannes & the whole construction team, who brought the blueprints to reality!

We hope you liked it 🙂 !

Get in touch: info@kugelbliss.art